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Riptide Riptide

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Channeling a younger, wilder Vai, I'd say!

Save for the glaring lack of annoying tremolo-wank, I'd say this is near Steve Vai quality. It's heavy, very primal and visceral-- sexy in a macho sense. You seem to have a knack for pulling out some cogent, talkative riffs and just running with them. The improv sections (especially those screaming (pinch?) harmonics at the beginning) scream "hard rock 80's," minus the wild hair and homosexual undertones. It doesn't really get played out in my mind, it stays crisp and rockin' all the way through.

I'd work on trying to get a living, breathing, throbbing band together and just shredding like motherfuckers. Seriously.

10 stars, 5 points. Period.

seanieboy123 responds:

thanks, i guess this is my bad horsie

and how do u know i don't have wild hair?


Psycho Jelly Psycho Jelly

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great riff, wild improv!

You have some solid riffage going on here, my friend. The drumline, though a tad jagged, rocks enough to make up for the digital edge. The guit riff is thoroughly intense, and the improv laid on over it, although a tad choppy at times, is transporting and vivid. You have just the right balance between metal and psychedelic rock going on here, and it's definitely refreshing to hear. As a metal bassist, I'm saddened by the lack of a bassline-- or, if it's there, it's almost inaudible or it simply follows the root of each chord the rhythm guitar chops out. But the sheer impressiveness of the track makes up for that slight shortcoming. All in all, a solid work.

Here, I give it a 9 for the choppy improv, but it gets a 5 on the x/5.00 scale for sure!

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The Interworld Praxis Cover The Interworld Praxis Cover

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A few personal gripes, but generally intense.

My with the bare rhythm section and the flow of the improvised guitar section.

Firstly, without the echo or reverb, the rhythm section falls a bit flat. When covering another song, you want to try to alter it to specifications which either amplify the emotions behind the track or which bring a whole new, vivid set of emotions into play. Without the robust sound of a 'verb pedal, everything-- once again-- falls flat. Also, even if you can't get a live recording of a bassline or solo, at least throw one in there. Bootsy and Laswell are key components of the Praxis arrangement!

Second, your rhythm's off in the improv section. It doesn't feel like it's off in a Frank Zappa xenochronic sense, ya' just missed a beat or two.

Lastly, as a closing note, you might want to extend the accompaniment loop so you can really let loose on the improv. Even if the rhythm's off, just letting yourself wander across your fretboard would fill this piece right up.

It's a damned good effort, but it could use a little work from my perspective.

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seanieboy123 responds:

yeah, it was a pretty quick thing i did, but you make a lot of good points. I probably wont revisit this again, but on the next cover i do, ill definitely keep these things in mind,

thanks for listening DeusExMagna

Desert Symphony Desert Symphony

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Smooth, very cool

I love the composition itself. It's very cool, as stated above-- it definitely seems to draw from klezmer, generic Western anthems, and more mellow club beats of the latter day. In short, it's diverse, and with diverse sound and influence comes unique and impressive music.

Here's the personal aspect: I have one gripe, and that's the bare-bones violin(s). Were you to mess around with some EQ, or even just distort it a tad, it'd feel a bit more natural, in it's current state, it feels plastic-y, like Frank Zappa's album "Jazz From Hell"; the composition's great, but the end sound could stand some work. Maybe you could try backing the violin with another stringed instrument of a lower range, too, to get a slightly richer sound.

It could use a modicum of alteration, but all in all, it's a solid, swaggering piece. Good shit, sir. Good shit.

Str8-Kill4h responds:

thanx man...i really appreciate it..

-=LJC=- Grinsomnia -=LJC=- Grinsomnia

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very cool, very cool.

This piece is a real trip. A nice, simple composition with a nice build-up. It cools down quite nicely, too. The breakbeat under that smooth jazz piano, and the juxtaposition of the two extremes, although played upon many times in the past and the present, works so sweet here.

I'm still finding myself as a digital musician, and it's music like this which really motivates me to just expand while exploring oft-applied techniques. In short, it's an inspiring piece.

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LJCoffee responds:

Thanks - I know that the effect is a bit overused but I really like the way it comes together. Half tempo/double tempo projects are always fun. :)

Everlasting Piano loop Everlasting Piano loop

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A solid piece on the whole

It's pretty mellow, and it's definitely a loop, so that's good.

It's certainly a moody piece. A tad nondescript-- nothing special, save for that cool change in rhythm which accompanies the key change. It's a solid tune and a commendable tune at that.

Maybe it can be built upon in the future, huh?

WAR-BASTARD responds:

Yea I was actually making a tune with some texture, I just found this melody I'd created quite a pretty piano piece, so yea I'll definately develop it into something more :) thanks for the review.

Trance2006(Preview) Trance2006(Preview)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is amazing!

I hate it how people give these horrible songs on the Audio Portal such good scores, but neglect the real good songs. This is one of those songs. Uh... the good ones, not the horrible ones. Quite frankly, I feel this may be one of the better songs I've heard on the Audio Portal. Short, albeit good. Too bad it hasn't gotten better ratings.